Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Underground Electro Sensation: STEED LORD


Originally Loved: If You Love Vintage Patterns & Styles like "Steed Lord" Wears, Than Check Out:

Group Began: Early 2006

Country of Origin: Iceland

Group Members: KALI (Songwriter), M.E.G.A. (Producer, DJ, Videographer & Graphic Designer) & DEMO (Producer & Keyboardist)

Type of Group: Steed Lord is an Independent, Electronic-House Dance Style Music Group, that delves into the Art of Fashion Design & Styling, Photography, Experimental Film Making, Graphic Design & Art Direction

Record Label: "New Crack City Records" (Founded by 'None-other-than' Steed Lord) 

Musical Inspiration: The Group Members are inspired by their Icelandic Background, as they grew up Learning their Craft at an Early Age. Not to mention they are motivated by musical all-time favorites like, Michael Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder & 'The Rolling Stones'. Cherishing genres of music such as U.S. "Gangsta" Rap, U.K. Early Rave Music from groups like 'The Prodigy' & 'Altern-8'     

They Are Known Worldwide For: Impressive and Energetic Live performances & Designing a Clothing line for Retail Giant H&M (2007)

The Groups Goal is
"...To keep creating and exploring their own unique sound along with expressing their personal vision through their artistic outlets."
From their 'Rare' Sound of Music to their Fashion Sense and Photography this Electro-Crunk 'Three Piece' is sure to Bring Pleasure to your eyes and ears.

We, Now, Leave You To Enjoy the Sounds and Sensations from 'STEED LORD': 



Originally Loved: If You Love Vintage Patterns & Styles like "Steed Lord" Wears, Than Check Out:

Photo Source: "Introduction Photo":; "Quote from Steed Lords homepage":; "Steed Lords Youtube channel":; "Older Photo of The Three Group Members&Newer Photo of Three Group Members":; "Steed Lord x H&M + Outfit With Geometrical Colorful Shapes + Blue-Black Hoodie":; "Photo 1 & 2 of their Photography":; "KALI Performing with her Group Members of 'Steed Lord'":; "KALI in gold posing for the Steed Lord, 'Heart II Heart' Album Cover":; "Vintage Steed Lord on a Trail Image":

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