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Originally Loved: If You Love (Vintage) Denim Fashions, Than Check Out:

An Overview of "The History of Denim": 

When Was Denim Fabric First Created?
- During the 18th Century. 

When Was Denim First In Demand?
- During the California Gold Rush of the Mid-1800s. Levi Strauss (1853), Started Wholesaling Denim To American Mine Workers, As They Demanded, Long-Lasting Work clothing.

How & When Did Denim Become A Trend In Other Regions of The World?
- Denim was introduced Worldwide, During, WWII, After American Soldiers Would Wear their Denim Jeans Around (Foreign) Towns, While Off-Duty.

Why Did Denim Become A Popular Fabric Worldwide?
- It Became Recognized As the 'Strongest & Long-Lasting' Fabric That Could Be Worn During Laborious Jobs. The Concept of Jeans Worn As Work-Clothing, Always Remained Until...

When Did Jeans First Become Recognized As 'Fashionable' Wear In America?
- During the 1950s, When a Show Called, "Rebel Without A Cause", Showcased James Dean in a Fashionable Pair of Jeans. In 1970, The Counter-Culture/Rebel Movement, Gave Jeans a 'Fresh Appeal' By The Addition of Paints, Embroiders & Psychedelic Styles. 

What is Meant By the "Denim Revolution of the 1990s"?
- During the 1990s, the Youth Whom Were Discontented With Wearing the Same "Labor Appealing Denim" Style of Clothing As Their Parents, Decided to Reinvent Denim By Way of New Cuts, Shapes, Styles & Finishes, That Made Denim seem "Cooler" To Wear. The Creation of Denim Footwear, Dresses and Bustiers Became All The Rage During This Time.

Is Denim Fabric The Same In The 21st Century, Compared, To The The Denim Fabric of The 18th, 19th & 20th Centuries?
- No, During, the 18th, 19th & 20th Centuries, Denim Fabric Was Made Out of 100% Cotton. In the 21st Century, Denim Fabrics, Although Created Out of Cotton are Now, Mixed with Other Materials like, Polyamide, Lycra, Polypropylene or Polyester, With the Addition of Special Bonding With A 100% Nylon Net For A More 'Stylish' Look. During, 2011 & 2012, You Will Be Able To Witness The 'Recession Denim Revolution' By Intro Of "Bodycon-Like Denim Wears". No More Oversize, Loose Fitting, Denim Wear, Now, We Will See More Shorter, Figure Fitting Denim Wears, Especially, Styled & Aimed At Making The Wearer Feel Sexy.

                "Truly, The Fabric Of Our Lives!"


Originally Loved: If You Love (Vintage) Denim Fashions, Than Check Out:

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