Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pop Art Genius: MEL RAMOS

Age: 76 
Born:Sacramento, California; 1935
In 1959: He Participated In More Than 120 Art Group Shows, Along With Other artist Such As Andy Warhol
Designed: "Pop Art", During the Pop Art Movement, Beginning in the 1960s. He Is A Figurative Painter That Uses Elements of Realism and Abstract Art

Not Pin-Up, But Nude:
"When I do A Painting, Everybody Calls Them Pin-Ups. When Picasso or Matisse Did Nude Paintings, People Called Them Nudes. That's What I Want To Be Part of. I Want To Be of the Group That's Called Nudes Not Pin-Ups." -Mel Ramos
The Message In His Art: There Is No Hidden Message. He Designed Nude Women Posed With an American Brand Logo Because He Admired Women's Bodies In A Way That It Is One Representation Of The Phrase, "Natural". Incorporating Nude Women Posed With These Brands, Gave Ramo's Artwork "Sex Appeal", Which He Knew Would Be Key To Getting His Artwork Sold & Noticed, As He Was 'Coming Up', As An Artist.

Peep His 'Fascinating' POP ART: 

"...Pop Art!"

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Are you going to make a black girl painting?if you need inspiration I AM A Black French girl