Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Age: 80
Born: Milan, Italy; 1931
-Former Director of Casablanca
-The “Italian Maestro of Avant-Garde”
-Previous Editor of Domus (Italy), Design Magazine 

Designs: Geometrically Kooky, Colorful Neo-Modern, Contemporary Art Objects, Furniture, Interiors, Graphics & Paintings 
-His Designs are Characterized by a Strong 'Mix of Cultures & Various forms of Expression'

Mendini's Definition of an "Object":
"An object is something that tells a tale. So an object embeds a lot of content into itself.  You can almost read it, as if it were literature."-Alessandro Mendini
-He is an Architect  
-In 1989, Alessandro Mendini, along with his brother, Francesco Mendini, opened up the "Atelier Mendini" Studio in Milan, that he uses as a Studio

He is...
An Advocate of Non-Violence.

His Favorite...
Character Hero is Mickey Mouse!!!

One of His 'Long Time' Friends is...
Philippe Starke 

Artwork Collaborations:
Swatch: He designed in the 1990s, a collection of 'Mendini' limited edition watches

Alessi: Currently, he has a collection of haute-couture fashioned kitchenware, such as, corkscrews, champagne caps and cheese graters. Also, he has designed watches for Alessi.

Groninger Museum in Groningen, Netherlands: Mendini from1989-1994, designed a 'yellow' tower as the centerpiece for the museum's architectural reconstructive makeup

Birthed from his mental ‘heaven’, here are some of Mendini’s designs to ‘Activate your Noggin’: 


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