Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Originally Loved: If You Like The Fashion Accessories of Beyonce's Album 4 Photoshoot, Than Check Out:

When We Witness Beyonce: We Don't Just See A Great Musical Talent, But, We Also See Someone Who Has Delved Into The 'Sea of Couture In Abstract'. 

Her Photogenic Promo Portfolio For Her 4th Studio Album "4": Could By Far Be Labeled As A Great Representation of A "Couture-Oriented Theme", Focused On Representing High Fashion Photography & High Fashion Designs, In A Tastefully, Abstract Way, That Gives Us All The "High" In Fashion That We Crave To See. 

Names of the Designers Behind The Attire Beyonce Wore In Her Promo Portfolio Album "4" Photoshoots: Leah Rae (Fashion Student @ FIT), Alexandre Vauthier, Mazime Simoens, Jan Taminiau
Beyonce's Creative Director Jenke-Ahmed Tailly Stated That:
"It was Important To Beyonce That The Choice Of Clothing Not Be About The Brand But, About The Quality Of The Work."
We Extend To You A Pictorial Presentation Of Her (Artistic) Photogenic Portfolio From Her Album "4", To Remind You, that Fashion Is Apart of Every Artistic Path In Life. From Photography, To Music, To Paintings, To Drawings, Even To Interior Designing And Everything In Between.

Originally Loved: If You Like The Fashion Accessories of Beyonce's Album 4 Photoshoot, Than Check Out:

 Photo Source: Album "4" Photos Taken By GREG GEX: & ELLEN VON UNWERTH:

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hipsters Sensation: JONI MITCHELL

Originally Loved: If You Like The Fashion Of The 1970s, Than Check Out:

Real Name: Roberta Joan Anderson
Age: 67
Born: Alberta, Canada; 1943
What Does She Do? Sing & Song Write, Since The 1960s
Our Nickname For Her: "The Sweet Vintage Folk Masterpiece Of 'True' Lyrical Content"
Instruments She Plays: Piano, Guitar, Ukulele & Dulcimer
She Began Her Career: In The 1960s, Singing @ Parties & Bonfires, Which Eventually, led her to Sing in CoffeeHouses
She Played A Part In: The Folk Rock Movement
Inspirational Styles of Music That Reflects Her Music As an Artist: Jazz, Pop, Rock & Folk 

Rolling Stones Magazine Called Her:
           "One Of The Greatest Songwriters Ever!"

Originally Loved: If You Like The Fashion Of The 1970s, Than Check Out:
Photo Source: "Playing Guitar":; "Joni, Guitar & Guy":; "Psychadelic GRaphic":; "Closeup Joni":; "Sketch of Joni Mitchell":; "Peeping Out of Window Joni":; "Headshot Joni":; "Joni Clsaping Hands To Chin Smiling:; "Joni Leaning On Guitar Case":

Monday, August 29, 2011

World's 1st Supermodel: JEAN SHRIMPTON

Originally Loved: If You Like The Fashion Of The 1960s, Than Check Out:
Age: 68
Born: Buckinghamshire, England; 1942 
Known As: A Fashion Model
Career Began: 1960s At Age 17
Considered: The World's 1st Supermodel, The World's Highest Paid Model, The World's Most Beautiful Face & The Most Photographed Model
Nicknamed: The It Girl, The Face, The Face of the Moment, The Face of the 60s Or the Shrimp
Magazine's Featured In: Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Elle, Ladies' home Journal & Time Magazine
Known For: Her Long Hair With Bangs, Wide Eyes long Wispy Eyelashes, Pouty Lips, Arched Eyebrows, Slim figure & Long Legs
During the 1950s: Most Models were Curvy & Voluptuous, Shrimpton, During this time 'Broke The Ice', As To Being 'The Model', to Break The Voluptuous Mold In Modeling For A More 'Naturally Thin Look As Beautiful'
Before Modeling: Shrimpton Attended The Langham Secretarial College in London
1st Noticed By: Cy Endfield, An American Cinematographer Who wanted Her To Be Featured In His Film, "Mysterious Island", Based Upon The Jules Vernes Story
It Is Claimed That Her Career Excelled Into High Fashion Magazine Modeling After: Being Noticed By 'Many' Industry Personnel, While Dating Photographer, David Bailey, Who Introduced her, As A Model, To The High Fashion World 

In 2012, "We'll Take Manhattan", The TV Series, will Be Released & Is Based on Jean Shrimpton & Her 1960s Love Affair with Photographer David Bailey. Of Course with A 'Glimpse' of Her 'Come Up' As a 'Model'. 

Originally Loved: If You Like The Fashion Of The 1960s, Than Check Out:

Photo Source: "Hair Braided Shrimpton":; "60s flower Shrimpton":; "Lipstick Shrimpton":; "Belle Chic Girl":; "Petit Shrimpton":; "A Little Gypsy":; "Newsweek":; "Tiffany Breakfast":; "Headwrap Shrimpton":; "Closeup Shrimpton":

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pop Art Genius: MEL RAMOS

Age: 76 
Born:Sacramento, California; 1935
In 1959: He Participated In More Than 120 Art Group Shows, Along With Other artist Such As Andy Warhol
Designed: "Pop Art", During the Pop Art Movement, Beginning in the 1960s. He Is A Figurative Painter That Uses Elements of Realism and Abstract Art

Not Pin-Up, But Nude:
"When I do A Painting, Everybody Calls Them Pin-Ups. When Picasso or Matisse Did Nude Paintings, People Called Them Nudes. That's What I Want To Be Part of. I Want To Be of the Group That's Called Nudes Not Pin-Ups." -Mel Ramos
The Message In His Art: There Is No Hidden Message. He Designed Nude Women Posed With an American Brand Logo Because He Admired Women's Bodies In A Way That It Is One Representation Of The Phrase, "Natural". Incorporating Nude Women Posed With These Brands, Gave Ramo's Artwork "Sex Appeal", Which He Knew Would Be Key To Getting His Artwork Sold & Noticed, As He Was 'Coming Up', As An Artist.

Peep His 'Fascinating' POP ART: 

"...Pop Art!"

Photo Source: "Mel Ramos":; "Chic":; "Val Veeta": www.Brown.Li; "Bella Monty":; "Chiquita":; "Kiss Me":; "The Nile Queen":; "Vantage":; "Lola Cola":

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rising Songtress: NICOLA ROBERTS "Lucky Day"

Originally Loved: If You Like The Fashion In "Lucky Day", Than Check Out:

Artist Career Began In: 2002
Born: October 5, 1985
Country of Origin: England
Genre: Pop, R&B, Dance-Pop
Record Label: A&M Records
Musical Inspiration: M.I.A.   
Known For: Makeup Line, "Dainty Doll" Launched in August of 2010, But, Exclusively Found in England @ A Store Called Harrod's, Catered Towards People Whom Are Pale Complexioned
New Album Release: Cinderellas Eye's; Release Date: September 26, 2011

Single From Her New Album:

Originally Loved: If You Like The Fashion In "Lucky Day", Than Check Out:

"Maybe, Its Your Lucky Day, Day, Day!"

Friday, August 26, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: 80s Haute Lipstick Red Handbag

CLASSIC "Haute Lipstick Red" Handbag:
Black & Red Design
Snake Skin Scale Textured
Faux Leather
Origin: 1980s
Vegan Friendly


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      Thursday, August 25, 2011

      EXCLUSIVE: Snake Skin Fever Handbag

      CLASSIC "Snake Skin Fever" HANDBAG:
      Gold & Metallic Tan Design
      Snake Skin Scale Textured 
      Faux Leather
      Origin: 1980s 


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        Wednesday, August 24, 2011

        EXCLUSIVE: Fifth Avenue Handbag

        CLASSIC "Fifth Avenue" HANDBAG:
        Multi-Color Patch Triangle & Rectangle Design
        Reptile Textured 
        Genuine Leather
        Origin: 1980s New York, USA 


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          Tuesday, August 23, 2011

          Exhibit #1: THE REMIX!

          Originally Loved: If You Like The Avant-Garde Fashions Presented In This "THE REMIX" Exhibit, Than Check Out:

          "She had a Womanly Instinct That Clothes Possess an Influence more Powerful over Many than the Worth of Character or the Magic of Manners!"
          -Louisa May Alcott

          Geometry. Tribe. Bright. Pop Art. Aztec. Festive. Swarovski Crystallized. Modly Chic.

          Originally Loved: If You Like The Avant-Garde Fashions Presented In This "THE REMIX" Exhibit, Than Check Out: