Monday, September 19, 2011

Abstractly Insane Art: JOAN MIRO

Born: Barcelona, Spain; 1893
Passed Away On: December 25, 1983 At 90 years Old
Miro Was A: Ceramist, Painter & Sculptor
He Partook in the Movements of: Surrealism, Experimentalism & Dada
Miro Was Known To Have Been Influenced By: Pablo Picasso, Andre Masson, Tristan Tzara & Andre Breton
Miro Was The Son Of A: Watchmaking Father & A Goldsmith Mother

Now, We Leave You With Miro's Imagination:

Photo Source: "Personal Miro":; "1984-89 Originaly Woodcut":; "1977 Lithograph":; "1973:May 1968":; "1938 L'Ete Lithograph":; "1972 Original Lithograph V":; "1957 XXe Siecle Published":; "1975 Revolutions I":

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Danielle said...

Great painter! I like his art and I'm a passionate admirer of him.