Saturday, September 3, 2011


Age: 77
Born: Grand Forks, North Dakota; 1933
Designed: "Pop Art", During the Pop Art Movement & Still Designs Various Artwork 'Til This Day
From 1957 To 1960: He Earned A living By Designing Store Windows As Well As Billboard Paintings
He Creates Mainly: Paintings & Drawings 
His Specialty In Design Is: To Take Fragmented, Oddly Disproportionate Images & Combine & Overlap Them Into A Collage, On Canvas To Create A Visual Story
He Has A Number Of: ScreenPrints & Etchings But Most Of Them Are Lithographs
Most of His Work Can Be Found In Collections At: The Museum of Modern Art (New York), Musee D'Art Moderne (Paris) & the Art Gallery of Toronto, Ontorio

Interview With James Rosenquist:

James Rosenquist "Storyline" Artwork:

Photo Source: "Picture of James Rosenquist":; "2000 The Stoaway peers Out At The Speed of Light":; "1971 Mastaba":; "2005 Sun Li":; "1975 time Stream- Prix Nobel":; "1976 A Free For All":; "Penciled Colored Clocked Work":; "1975 Tide ScreenPrint":; "1972 Zone Lithograph Handmade Paper Black & White":; "1978 Pastel Blue, Yellow, Pink Blowing Steaming Paints From Below":; "1975 Echo Pale":; "1986 Glass Wishes":; "1977 Fast Feast":

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