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An Overview of "The History of Nylon":

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What is Nylon Fabric?
- A Class of Synthetic Polyamide Materials Used to Make Yarn or Cloth & Other Types of Everyday Goods Like Hair Combs.

When Was Nylon Fabric Invented?
- The Year 1935

Who Is Responsible For The Fabrics Invention?
- Wallace Carothers, Who is Considered The Father of the Science of Man-Made Polymers & the Inventor of Neoprene. He was a Chemist & an Inventor, Who Held Over Fifty Patents.

How Was Nylon 1st Discovered?
- The Journey to the Discovery of Nylon, Actually Began, When Wallace Carothers, Began Teaching At Tarkio College in Missouri. At Tarkio College, Wallace Carothers Taught Accounting & in His Spare Time He Studied Chemistry as An Undergraduate Student. Carothers Became So Skilled In Chemistry That He Eventually, Became The Head of the Chemistry Department At Tarkio College. After His Undergraduate Year's At Tarkio, He Pursued His Master's & PhD from University of Illinois. Later, He taught at Harvard University, where He Began To Research on the Chemical Structure of Polymers. 

In 1928, Carother, Began
working for the Dupont Chemical Company. 

In 1931,Wallace & His New Team of Scientist
Began Researching on the Chemical Family, Acetylene. Furthering their Research, They Ended Up Discovering a Synthetic Rubber Known As Neoprene. 

Around This Time Period America
Used to get Natural Silk Directly From Japan, But, Since, the U.S. & Japan Relations Were Balancing on A Thin Rope, Trade Relations Were Beginning to Weaken Between the Two. The U.S. Needed Silk, So, Carothers Team Began Researching Ways To Go About Making Synthetic Fibers in their Laboratory. 

In 1935:
Carothers Decided To Work With Amides (a chemical compound). He Eventually Discovered a strong Polyamide (chemical compound) fiber, Known Today As Nylon. In order to find Nylon, He Had to Analyze More Than 100 Different Types of Polyamides (chemical compounds). 

Nylon Was Patented By Wallace Carothers In:

Eventually, Nylon Was Mass Produced For Wear in 1938 & Was Given the Nickname:
"Miracle Fiber"

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Stayed Tuned for Part 2 of the "Dark Twist" that occurs in Mr. Carothers life.

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