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Life + Times of Sophia Loren: Part 1

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Born In Pozzuoli, Italy, On September 20, 1934 was: Sophia Loren A.K.A. "Sophia Villani Scicolone"
Sophia Loren is known to be an: Italian Actress
An Interesting Fact About Sophia Is That: She is the niece of the Alessandra Mussolini (her maternal aunt), whose father was the fourth son of the Fascist leader Benito Mussolini
Her Parents Were: Romilda Villani & Ricardo Schicolone, a Construction Engineer
Her Father, Ricardo, Refused To Marry Her Mother, Romilda: This led Romilda to be without any support, besides being a piano teacher and an aspiring actress
Eventually, in 1938, Sophia Loren's Parents Had Another Child Named: Anna Maria Villani Schicolone
Sophia's Grandmother Allowed Sophia, Her Mother and Sister To Stay At Her Place: Until Sophia's mother was stable financially, enough to move out
During World War II: the harbour and munitions plant in Pozzuoli was a frequent target. One day during a raid, Sophia running to shelter was hit with shrapnel, where her chin was wounded. After this incident her mother decided to move with Sophia and Anna to Naples to live with a distant relative.
After WWII: Sophia's mother decided to move with Sophia and Anna back to their grandmother's house, where Sophia's grandmother decided to open up a living room pub, selling cherry liquor. 
In the Pub: Sophia was a waitress and washed dishes, Anna was a singer and Romilda played the piano.
At the Age of 14 Years Old: Sophia entered a beauty contest in Naples, she ended up being a finalist but, did not win the contest.
After the Beauty Contest: Sophia enrolled in acting school, where she was selected as an extra in the movie, Quo Vadis, which, launched her career as an actress.

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