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JOSEPHINE BAKER: 1920s-1970s Entertainer With An Exotic New Orleans Twist

Born: June 3,1906
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Josephine Baker was an overnight sensation, uprooting from her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri to find hope in the foreign land of France as an entertainer, she grew to become famous for barely-there-dresses and no-holds-barred dances routines. She is known for her energetic performances and celebrity status in Europe, reigning such status for 50 years until her death in 1975.

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Josephine Baker known for her exotic beauty was known by the nicknames, "Black Pearl", "Black Venus" and "Creole Goddess". 

Admirers were known to give her gifts, such as, diamonds and cars. It is claimed that she, also, had an estimated 1,500 marriage proposals in her lifetime. She was a woman of her own making, despite the many gifts given to her. Due to her popularity in Europe, she was able to attain a comfortable income, which she spent buying herself, fancy Parisian clothes, jewelry and exotic pets. She was a huge animal lover at heart, owning pets such as a leopard (named Chiquita), a chimpanzee (named Ethel), a pig (named albert), a snake (named kiki), a goat, a parrot, parakeets, fish, three cats and seven dogs.

Josephine Baker is also known to have served for France during WWII, serving as an honorable correspondent for the French resistance, transporting secret messages through her sheet music. 

Josephine Baker is also known to have adopted children from a range of different ethnicity and religious backgrounds, in order to prove, that no matter what background you come from, that as humans we are all brothers & sisters. These group of children, she took care of were called, "The Rainbow Tribe" and she loved them dearly. 

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