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VINTAGE 1970s: Raquel Welch

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Born: September 5, 1940
Origin: Chicago, Illinois
She Is Known As An: actress & author
Real Name: Jo Raquel Tajeda
Known As: Raquel Welch

As, A Little Girl She Wanted To Be A: performer, she loved ballet & performed as a ballet dancer until the age of 17.
When She First Wedded To Her 1st Husband: she had become a local San Diego Meterologist. 
When She Divorced Her 1st Husband: she ended up moving to Dallas, Texas with her two kids to become a model for Neimann Marcus & a cocktail hostess.
She Wanted To Move To: NYC, but, eventually, she decided to move back to Cali (Los Angeles area).
After This Move, She Landed Starring Roles In: a beach film called, Swingin' Summer & sci-fi hit, Fantastic Voyage. She also landed a role in television shows such as Bewitched,  McHale's Navy, The Virginian & The Hollywood Palace.
Her Starring In The Film: One Million Years B.C., wearing a prehistoric animal skin bikini, gained her the reputation of wearing man's 1st bikini. Her furkini wardrobe was known to be a definitive look of the 1960s.
Author, Steven OtfinoSki Stated:
"Although, She Only Had Three Lines In The Film, Her Luscious Figure In A Fur Bikini Made Her A Star And The Dream Girl To Millions of Young Viewers"
After This Movie, She Was Seen As One Of The Leading: sex symbols of the 1960s & 1970s
Because of Her Looks: Playboy gave her the name "Most Desired Women" of the 1970s.

"Presenting Super '70s Raquel Welch"

Raquel Back In The Hip '70s

Raquel Now 
She Looks Fabulous To Be Over 60 Years Old. 

Stayed Tuned For Part 2 Of Raquel's Story As A Vintage Beauty, Delivered To You This Week!

Originally Loved: If You Like Vintage Fashion, Than Check Out: www.OriginallyLoved.com

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